Is a smartwatch on your holiday wish list?
Date: Tuesday, November 29, 2011 @ 23:44:57 EST
Topic: Swamp Tech

imWatch smartwatch i'mWATCH

It's not an iWatch (Apple isn't really THAT innovative).  It's an i'mWATCH - one of the more stylish forms of the newest generation of the smartwatch. Unfortunately, the €299 to over €10K, Android-based smartwatch won't be available until early 2012. Like a kid on Christmas, if you can't wait, the developer's MetaWatch - with investment from Fossil - can be yours for just over $200.  Similar to the i'mWATCH, the $100 to $200 inPulse smartwatch is available "soon."

MetaWatch smartwatch MetaWatch

There are several approaches to today's smartwatches, including:

  • enhanced bluetooth device (aka "smartphone companions") that are really controlled by an app on your smartphone
  • standalone device with WiFi connectivity


The current platforms have tools to encourage developers to build apps and, of course, their own app stores.

inPulse smartwatch inPulse

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