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Date: Tuesday, July 19, 2011 @ 13:00:14 EDT
Topic: Swamp Tech

Want to automatically tweet your Google+ posts, blog posts or new RSS feed topics? Of Course!

The most popular choice for this is Twitterfeed. But many accustomed to using the popular Twitterfeed service are looking for alternatives due to problems with Twitterfeed. Several alternatives (PingVine, Rss2twitter, and HelloTXTfeed) have come and gone, but there are viable, currently free alternatives:
  • dlvr. it auto posts to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more, and provides statistics, too.
  • Google Feedburner (select Publicize, Socialize) provides several options for auto-tweeting from your RSS feed.
  • Proxifeed, currently in Beta, can select keywords from one or more feeds and provides statistics.
  • Twitterlive, also called BlogsFeed. net, is similar to Twitterfeed, can also post to, and can use and other URL shorteners

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